Pray for Life Transformation

PrayerMartin Luther is best known as the father of the Protestant Reformation.  Perhaps no other person since the apostles has had more of an impact on the church of the 21st century as Martin Luther had almost 500 years ago.

In his work titled Table Talk, he wrote these words:

“We should pray by fixing our mind on some pressing need, desiring it with all earnestness, and then exercise faith and confidence toward God in the matter, never doubting that we have been heard. St. Bernard said, ‘You should never doubt your prayer, thinking that it might have been in vain, for I tell you that before you have uttered the words, the prayer is already recorded in heaven. "Prayer is a special exercise of faith. Faith . . . believes that either the prayer will be answered, or that something better will be given instead.”

World Christian Broadcasting would request your prayers in these five areas:

  • Pray for individual listeners—whether in China, South America, India, the Mid-East, Russia or anywhere our signal reaches—that they will have open minds and receptive hearts.

  • Pray for our writers and speakers—that they will be open to the leading of the Spirit as they collect their thoughts and choose just the right words to impact the most people.

  • Pray for our staff at both stations—in Alaska and in Madagascar—that they would continue to be encouraged in the important work they are doing.

  • Pray for all the individuals who continue to develop programming for all six of our languages. Daily programs go out in Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and also English crafted specifically for our African audience.

  • Pray for world leaders that they will make policies favorable to the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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