Once our Arabic programming begins on the station now under construction in the Indian Ocean, each day a prayer will be broadcast. On this page is a sampling of those prayers.

Ashamed of what I did, I’m so embarrassed to face you.
But, Lord, I always have hope in your mercy
Many a sinner, like me, came to you and was accepted
Your mercy door is always open, and never closed
Your mercy is like an overflowing river
Your love, my Lord, will never end
And that’s what gives me hope.

I face a great challenge
I must come to you
Even though my troubles
Stand against me

Oh, King, bring down the walls
Take away my sins
Help me come to you
Take my hand in yours

Oh, Lord
Every time I decide to repent
I fall back into sin
I desire my evil and my past
I forget my promise
I come back to you
I lift up my hand and pray
Please help me to change
I want to be a new person

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors…

Teach me, Lord, to forgive others
When they hurt me
So I can ask your forgiveness
When I sin before you

Help me to go straight
Not turning left or right
Whatever the temptations may be
I don’t take the wrong path

If I went astray
Or walked the wrong way
I return to you, Lord
I cry, and I repent

I regret what I did
I’m burning with my sins
I pray to you, Lord
To lead me in the right way

Oh, Lord
People have forsaken me, but you never do
People’s love ends, but yours never do
Never has there been a time when I’ve needed your love and you told me  there’s no more

That’s why I have hope in your great love
I cast my sins under your mercy
I will always walk in your path
I want to live for you, Lord

You’re beautiful, oh Lord, and you love beauty
Beautify me with righteousness, patience and perseverance
Beauty for you is not pretty faces
Or colored eyes and perfect bodies
Beautiful is the one who walks in your path

Relationships in the darkness attract me
To the road of destruction they take me
Relationships that broke my heart
And left me suffering in sin

Cut out my hidden relationships
Help me, they’re killing me
Strengthen my weak will
And forgive my sins
Oh, Lord

I stay up all night
To “chat” on my “hotmail”
But I never thought
To chat with you, Lord
To tell you what’s in my “inbox”
To tell you about my difficult days
To make “contact” with you
To ask your forgiveness

I come to you, Lord, and I ask you
To forgive me now
Before I stand before your throne

I’m always burdened with sorrows
I’m always defeated
Before my sins and habits
That I do everyday

I beg you to give me victory
Before my burdens break me
I fell into the pit of my sins
I cry out, get me out!

Oh, Lord!
I want to say it’s all my fault
I’m sorry for all that I did
I was ignorant of your love
But now I come back and repent
I’m tired

Away from you my burdens are heavy on my shoulders
The world has overwhelmed me
All the good things are gone
My heart lost the security
I’m tired

I come to seek comfort and forgiveness of my sins
I come to you to cover all my shameful past
Oh, Lord, I’m full of regret
Oh, Lord, I come back to repent


Andy Baker, Vice President - Development      World Christian Broadcasting
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