Because He Loves God and He is Thankful
By Edward Short
An old Chinese proverb says that when one drinks water he should think about where it came from. This expression helps us understand the importance of being thankful for what we have. While Christians express gratitude to their parents, and thoughtfully remember their national heroes, we also express thanksgiving to God. Christians thank God, and express our love for him, in concrete ways. We honor him through our actions, but we also meet together with other Christians every Sunday and worship God as a concrete expression of our gratitude to him.

A husband expresses his love for his wife in concrete ways. Perhaps he sweeps the floor, cooks a meal, or cares for their child. Perhaps he buys his wife gifts, takes her out to eat, or takes her on a vacation. Children use actions to let their parents know that they respect them. They study hard at school, wash the dishes at home, and take out the garbage. Similarly, Christians tell God they love and respect him through concrete expressions as well. Not only with a good lifestyle do they express this, but also through arranging their time so that each Sunday they can attend Christian worship.

Attendance at the Sunday worship service shows everyone we know that we fervently believe that the God we worship is the only true God in the universe. Our very lives depend on this Godóall that we eat and wear, and the roof over our heads. Everything we have comes from him and are his gifts to us, and so we want to praise, honor and thank him. Worship services therefore include hymns of praise. Christians live lives of joy, and so we express that joy when we sing praises to God in worship on Sundays. Do you like to hear joyful singing? Take part in Lordís Day worship.

Christians see ourselves as we actually are, that is, we know that weíre sinners, but we also know that God has forgiven our sins through Jesus. When we worship God, therefore, we express thanksgiving for what heís done, and deep respect for who he is.

Christians donít worship God in order to be saved from their sins, but as a way of thanking God. Weíve already been saved by what Jesus did on the cross, so we want to express gratitude for it. Neither do Christians worship God because we believe that by spending a couple of hours at church we can gain Godís favor or purchase our salvation. Neither money nor time can buy Godís grace. No. Christians worship God because they want to express respect and thanksgiving to the creator and ruler of the universe.

In the spirit of the Chinese proverb that when one drinks water he should think about where it came from, I welcome you to join with Christians and meet together in the worship of God, and thank him for being the source of your life.
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