CHINESE Sample Scripts (English translation)

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Vice-premier Wu Yi
Does Not Want To Take More Money

Happy New Year to all of you!  Chinese Vice-Premier Wu Yi gave a speech at the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce at the end of 2007, in which she revealed her salary and ....


A Prayer of Compassion

Following several minutes of remarks about people who have spina bifida, scoliosis, ALS and polio, and the special needs they and their caregivers face, I lead a prayer, as follows…

Criticize Children or Encourage Them?

I have a friend who is a very good artist.  I asked her when she began to paint; she replied that it was when she was forty years of age.  This was quite a big surprise to me, as she is quite a talented person, so I wondered....

Transformation of Jesus and Transformation of Christians

The transformation of Jesus reminds me of a popular Chinese New Year greeting, “All is back to the beginning and everything a new transformation.” This greeting has inspired...

We Worship Because We're Chrstians!

Seeds sprout roots that grow down into the soil, smoke swirls upward toward the sky, rice seedlings produce rice, children grow up, students study, foxes eat... .

The Sorrow of the Self-Confident

Man often enjoys believing in himself. Self confidence not only brings one a sense of satisfaction and achievement, but also makes one boasting and prideful. “There has never...


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