By Dr. Shiwei Zhai
In China, we use the term "hand and foot" to refer the special very close relationships, such as "we are as close as hand and foot" and "our feelings for each other are like hand and foot." It means the feelings among people are so strong that they can't be seperated, so these terms usually describe the relationship between brothers.

In the Donghan dynasty, according to an ancient story, in the capital city of Chang'an there was family surnamed Tian. The family included the father and three sons whose names were Tian Zhen, Tian Guang and Tian Qing. Their father lectured them many times to love each other, to pull together, to set up family property together, and not to break up the family and live apart after he died. After he died, however, the three brothers quarreled all the time and had no choice but to separate. As the new family head, Tian Zhen divided all the family property into three shares on average. In front of the house there was a redbud tree that had been there for three centuries. the tree also was hewed into three sections for sharing. In the next day, when the brothers went to hew the tree with axe and saw, they found the original flourishing tree died away during one night. The three brothers were dumbfounded and sorrowed, they embraced and cried out, the tree even withered away hearing to be cut, really our brothers were not as good as the tree? So they didnít break up the family. They took together again, and the redbud tree revivified.

Hu Shuai is a 7th grade boy from Anhui province. In October 2005, he and his older brother Hu Shuzhang were diagnosed as leukemia and vertibral tumor respectively almost the same time. But the family was too poor to afford both of their expensive treatment. Concealing from their parents, they drew lots to decide which of them should continue the treatment and who should give up. Hu Shuai wanted his brother to survive because he loved his brother and also thought his brother did better than him in the school though he was good too. He cheated his brother by a small trick and was the loser in the lots drawing. At last his parents sent his brother to Beijing for the treatment.

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus as our brother who is also our Father's only begotten son also chose death for the benifit of us. We should die because our sins. But he replaced us and decided to go to the cross without hesitation. Not only died in the cross, but he was mocked , beaten and humiliated by the people. His father even turned away his face from him and didn't look at him when he was in the cross.

The only reason is that he loves us so much. "God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:16). He died and we can be cured and saved.

Thank you Jesus.
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