"Happy Family" Series
By Salina Ho
The on-going series, “Happy Family,” basically touches the following areas of life: Family, marriage, parenting and relations in general. Below are synopses of some of the scripts.

1. Empower your children with positive words (parenting)
Words from parents are powerful. It can either tear down or build up our children. We should try to be more attentive to what they are doing right. Identify their positive attributes and actions and encourage them specifically. Children are likely to repeat whatever elicits the praise.

2. Love is a verb (family)
Many people define love as a feeling. When they can’t “feel” love, they think love is gone. Love needs action and is an act of will. When the feeling of love is not there, you can still choose to love. Appreciate him. Listen to him. Respect him. Be patient with him. Love would beget love.

3. Greet him with a smile (marriage)
The first five minutes of how you greet each other sets the tone for the rest of the time you are together. Drop your worries before you walk into the house. Instead of finding fault and becoming critical, try to give your loved one a hug or a smile. The other person should also press the pause button and greet him warmly. Withhold all the negative emotions and share them later.

4. Gentle tone of voice (family)
Studies show that our tone of voice communicates about 40% of what people hear and only 7%of what we communicate comes through actual words. When our family member is having a difficult time emotionally, the best way to help him is talking to him with a gentle tone of voice. Also, when we are in disagreement, a gentle tone of voice may avoid many unnecessary conflicts.

5. We need to change first (parenting)
When children misbehave, our first reaction usually is how to correct them. We should instead pause and ask, “Does he need something?” Misbehavior sometimes is an S.O.S. signal. When parents meet their needs, children’s behavior will be improved. Their wrong behavior could also be a reflection of ours. If we change first, their change will soon be seen.

6. Slow down and have a cup of tea (family)
We are sacrificing quality time with our loved ones by living a busy and hectic life. It’s blinding our eyes to see life as what it ought to be. The way to regain control is to slow down, have more quiet moments with ourselves and with God and simplify our lives.

7. Marriage needs time (marriage)
The fast-paced life is killing our marriage if we don’t deliberately carve time for our relationship. We should make an effort to remain “connected” with each other by daily short meaningful conversation and weekly or monthly dates.

8. Spare time for our children (parenting)
Children are hungry for parents’ attention. To build a good relationship, which is the basis for effective discipline, we need to regularly spend time with them. It doesn’t have to be long but let the child take the lead and have fun together.

9. Give him one more chance (relations)
We should give a chance to people who seem cold, mean or critical, etc., because they may have a broken heart or sad history that make them the way they are. Behind the mask, there is usually only a soul that lacks love.

10. You see what you choose to see (relations)
If you think the world is ugly, you would tend to focus on ugly things—fighting, arguing, jealousy, hatred etc. But if you think the world is bright and beautiful, your eyes would turn upon beautiful things—kindness, love, honesty etc. We choose what we want to see and that’s what we are going to see.
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