ISAIAH: Prophecy on God's Kingdom Being Born in One Day
By Edward Ho
All international perfume companies know well about East Timor and her famous aromatic sandalwood, a great natural resource for manufacturing perfume which contains antibiotic element. These days, East Timor is famous not just for its sandalwood, but for being the newest nation in the world.

Proclamation of national independency was made right after Portuguese government gave up East Timor as a colony on November 28, 1975. Unfortunately, military force of the Indonesia government invaded and snapped her dream for independency. Indonesia joined other nations in 1999 supporting United Nationís Anti-colonialism proclamation, and gave up its occupation. East Timor proclaimed her independency on May 20, 2002, and was accepted as a member by the United Nations on September 27 of that year.

That it takes time for a nation to be born is realized in looking at the process of independency of the 192th nation of this world. Yet, there was in history a prophecy of a nation born just in one day. Even more amazingly, this prophecy was fulfilled. This nation is the kingdom of God, or the Kingdom of Heaven. A more familiarized name of the nation is the church.

How was the Kingdom of God being born? Godís Son, Jesus Christ, was sent to the world to save people from sins. For the forgiveness of our sins, Jesus was willing to be crucified. The third day after his death Jesus resurrected. He told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit. Few days later the Jews came from all over to Jerusalem to celebrate the Pentecost. The Holy Spirit came down upon Jesusí followers and they began to tell others about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

After the crowd heard the gospel, three thousand people repented, believed in Jesus, and were baptized. The church was established in one day, marking the descending of the Kingdom of Heaven. These three thousand Christians were the first group of citizens of the Kingdom of God. This historical event took place around 30 A.D.

There are similarities and dissimilarities between the Kingdom of God and the nations of man. One difference is the territory. All nations have land, but, the Kingdom of God resides in the heart of those who believe in Jesus. So, wherever there is a Christian, there is the Kingdom of God. Christians are the territory of Kingdom of Heaven.

About seven hundred years before Christ was born, prophet Isaiah pointed toward the Kingdom of God and prophesized that the Kingdom of God will be all over the world. Is this prophecy fulfilled? Today, a third of the worldís population proclaimed Jesus their Lord, and they live all over the five continents and islands throughout. Over 92 % of the population in East Timor believes in Jesus. Yes, that prophecy has been fulfilling daily.

The similarities. Worldly nations have citizens, so does the Kingdom of God. They are the Christians. Nations of man have national leader, so does the Kingdom of Heaven. Christians look at Jesus as their Lord, Jesus is the leader of Kingdom of God.

Nations of man have law, so does the Kingdom of God. Godís word is the law of the Kingdom of God. Godís word is recorded in the Bible. The Bible is the Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven and it provides the standards by which Christians live.

Also around seven hundred years before Christ was born, another prophecy by Isaiah said because of the Savior the people of the Kingdom of God will experience transformation of their lives and there will be peace within. Today, there are people from all sorts of background in the church. Yet, they all obey Godís word.

I met a man who used to kill people without fear. After he became a Christian, he was transformed and became gentle and humble. And, he was respected highly by all. His transformation in Christ enables others to realize how wonderful is the Kingdom of God. All Christians will change, their lives will be fragrant, their aroma even better than the sandalwood of East Timor because their fragrance reflects the image of God.

My friends, do you wish your life be transformed for the better, and is filled with Godís fragrance. That will happen if you believe in Jesus. I welcome you to put your trust in Jesus.
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