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CHINESE: "What's Going On?" February 2017

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

Scripts, Scripts and More Scripts

Ed Ho’s scripts

Edward Ho began a series on marriage and the home. Some of these scripts were incorporated into sermons for the Chinese church he serves, so they received double use. This also helps by giving immediate feedback from the Chinese who attend. Some items in this series were posted in December and others in January.

  1. Departing from your parents
  2. Uniting with your wife
  3. Becoming one
  4. The power of Jesus’ Resurrection
  5. Wives, submit to your husband
  6. Husbands, love your wives

Additionally, Edward Ho wrote eleven scripts in January and did two interviews. Here is how he described these articles:

  1. God records Samson’s stories to remind us to value what we still have when we face failure and to seek God’s help to fulfill our responsibility.
  2. Jesus brings faith, hope and love, things which are so needed as we face problems in life. To make us understand how he can help us, Jesus told the parable of the gardener in Luke 13: 6-9.
  3. Human beings desire newness in life. God also told us that He embarks on doing a new thing in humanity, as recorded in Isaiah 43: 19-21.
  4. During the Spring Festival in China, people make new plans. But King Solomon insisted that there is nothing new on earth. But, God started a new thing on earth—that people around the world will respond to the Savior sent by God. The fulfillment occurred in the first century and is still proceeding.
  5. God values women and thus God’s laws show how he provides protection for women. These include: No sex while the wife is on her period; securing the needs for food, clothing, and sex for a woman whose husband has another wife; securing food for poor widows by leaving a few crops in the field. Furthermore, no newly wedded soldier should serve in battle, but should stay home and please his wife.
  6. God wants man to know him, so he wrote down His communication in the Bible. Bible clarifies who is God, what is God, and what is not. Chapter four of Exodus is a small window whereby readers get to know God through the experience in which Israelites interacted with him.
  7. God’s law is a living witness of the fact that God loves people. He prescribed laws in order to bring peace and happiness into the lives of those who obey him. Leviticus provides a window to God’s laws and to his love.
  8. Human beings cannot see what will happen based on our knowledge. Lot’s life testifies to such reality and encourages us to trust God instead.
  9. Lot was an orphan. His choice to stay with his uncle Abraham in turns made him a righteous man and, consequently, saved his life. Who we choose to be with is important.
  10. From a study of Luke 11: 29-32, we see that miracles prove that God is powerful and that he exists, but, they cannot reveal God’s heart and his will. Miracles speaks to human logic, not to men’s hearts, so they can’t change lives.
  11. The newness in Christ provides us with unity and responsibility in relationships, giving therefore, real hope of peace and salvation for mankind. This is a translation of the sermon that Dr. Terry Briley preached on the occasion of Chinese New Year and Spring Festival.

Edward Ho also produced two interviews, as follows

1.      Interview segment 1: What kind of faith persuaded Yu Ting to believe in Jesus? Yu Ting is a graduate student of nursing at Vanderbilt.

2.      Interview segment 2 with Yu Ting: Can faith in Jesus help young people face the stress of studying and also their uncertainty about the future?

Salina Ho’s scripts

  1. Salina Ho also wrote some material to help couples improve their marriages. She told people to practice expressing gratitude to their spouse for things both big and small. “Two words can save your marriage,” she said. “These words are ‘Thank you!’” Studies show that “Thank you” can improve marital relationships, especially when the relationship is tense.
  2. Salina also the impact the Smartphone has had on families. It is easy for people to become addictive to these devices, and thus allow them to hinder communication with each other.

Shu Mei Lee’s scripts

In addition to her recording technical work, Shu Mei Lee wrote a script. She also wrote about relationships and how cell phones and other modern devices interrupt the interpersonal communication that keeps people together. She included a cartoon that stated: “I love my computer because all of my friends are inside it!”

My scripts

  1.  “Let the Dead Bury the Dead” (Matthew 8:22ff.) Many statements that Jesus spoke are best understood when given a “spiritual” meaning. Thus here Jesus says that those who are spiritually dead, those who have no faith should bury others who are also spiritually dead. The father of the man who spoke to Jesus was likely still in good physical health.
  2.  “Who Are My Mother and Brothers?” (Mark 3:31ff.) Jesus often took advantage of situations to teach lessons. Here Jesus teaches that one’s spiritual family does not depend on blood relationships.
  3. “Jesus the Friend of Sinners” (Luke 19:1ff.) Zacchaeus left his pride on the ground and dirtied his expensive clothes and climbed a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus. His curiosity was rewarded by a personal visit with the Teacher who in turn opened the eyes of Zacchaeus both to God and to himself. Perhaps you and I are the Zacchaeuses of today.
  4. “The Lord Who Extends Grace” (Matthew 20:1ff.) The emphasis of the parable is not on the amount of work done by those who were hired but on the generosity of the vineyard owner.
  5.  “The Lord Who Weeps” (Luke 19:37-44.) In his book, Killing the Rising Sun, Bill O’Reilly tell us that the Japanese Emperor and his highest level military officials cried as they hid in an underground bunker prior to their surrender to US forces. They did not weep because countless others had died but because they knew they would probably face war crimes if they surrendered. Jesus wept also, but not for himself. Jesus wept because he knew the Jews of Jerusalem were about to reject the grace of God. Which of these people do you admire the most?

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