Chinese - What's Going On?
CHINESE: "What's Going On?" March 2017

Edward Short
Chinese Sr. Producer

Jesus Heals Broken Bodies and Broken Hearts

Our Chinese programs during February were peppered and salted with several new interviews. A minister from China visited Middle Tennessee and was introduced to us, so we invited him to come to the studio for an interview. In one interview, Mark detailed how God restored him to health from a major illness. Not only was God with him, but friends and even strangers came to his aid as well and helped pay his huge hospital bill. Mark gave God the credit for his return to health, enabling our listeners to hear first-hand how a person of faith deals with the difficult challenges of life.

In another interview, Mark also talked about working with orphans in China and the difficulties people face as they engage in this important work. Part of his work has included overseeing an orphanage.

Two other interviews were with Jan Self, a Chinese national who is married to an American. Edward Ho wanted these interviews to help our listeners see what a happy marriage is, thus he focused on Jan’s relationship with her husband, Jim. Jan is an extrovert, so her warm personality, pointed humor and marital commitment came through the microphone to the ears of our audience. We believe these interviews will help our listeners see that there is much more to marriage than living together and having children.

Edward Ho’s scripts during February included six scripts in addition to the interviews. Ho describes the scripts as follows:

1. God is faithful. Wealthy American Jews look to one of God’s promises—that if they obey the Law they would lend money to others instead of borrowing. God blesses, and He curses as well. The scattering of Israelites is a proof.

2. King Solomon. There are things more desirable to pursue than wealth and wisdom, namely obedience to God. Solomon’s life is a living testimony of this truth.

3. Is Christianity too authoritarian? John 3:18 leads many people to think of Christianity of being exclusive. The script uses the exclusiveness of a hammer as the tool to remove nails to explain that Jesus saves people from sins because his journey was designed by God.

4. Why is Dad angry often? This script talks about the impact of sins on people. One such sin is that many fathers are angry at home. They do not realize that their children are watching and are wondering why daddy is so often angry. Jesus provides the salvation for fathers to leave the bondage of sin.

5. Elijah and Elisha were two famous prophets in ancient Israel. They were called by God to lead the Israelites out of the worship of idols back to the worship of the only one true God. The brave Elijah contested with idol worshipers, while Elisha performed many miracles; both were the living testimony that Israelites had the living and true God among them.

6. God is the living supreme authority and His word should not be taken lightly. To obey His word means blessings, to disobey means destruction. The sins and destruction within the home of king David was a living testimony of this fact.

My scripts during February included one that is part of a series on “Don’t Divorce.” I saw research that indicated that some Chinese women seek divorce because their husbands view pornographic movies, magazines, websites, etc. This script explains the futility of substituting porn for a healthy relationship with one’s spouse. Your wife cannot measure up to the image on screen because the girl on screen is imaginary; she becomes whatever you want her to be and thus is always perfect and thus your wife cannot measure up. Pornography builds a wall between you and your wife—a wall that only gets higher and wider as time goes on. Jesus said that lust is adultery of the heart and mind (Matthew 5:28); David said that he would set no wicked thing before his eyes (Psalms 101:3).

In another script (part of the series Come and Meet Jesus), I spoke of the righteous indignation that Jesus expressed when he cleansed the temple shortly before his crucifixion. Christian writing and art, as well as many sermons, usually detail the love, kindness and forgiveness that Jesus exhibited throughout his ministry; rarely do we discuss that Jesus also displayed anger. When Jesus drove the animal salesmen away and overturned the money changers’ tables, he exhibited “righteous indignation.” Do we express anger when we see people being cheated?

Survivors of a Nazi concentration camp and gas chamber returned to the camp more than fifty years after they were rescued. Over the years, one of these entirely broken people was mended; according to his wife, it was as if he had been glued back together again. God uses people who are “broken,” but he does not simply glue us back together; God makes us into an entirely new people. (This script was based on an article by Ken Stegall.)

Letters from listeners in February included the following surprise:

You may not remember me now, but 15 years ago when I was still in junior high school in China, I wrote to you for the first time and received your English lessons cassette tape, which I played over and over again; until today I still remember that moment when I received and opened the package from you!

Sometimes I really wonder where time went. I have since become busy with my studies and went to Senior High School, college, and then I came to the States for graduate schools and now I am working…

Like a miracle the good memories with KNLS are always on my mind after so many years and again like a miracle recently I logged on to your website and am so happy to hear your voice again. It is really like good old days coming back. Deep in my heart I believe that it is God that led me to come to listen to your station and establish contact again after so many years. I also would like to thank you for the inspirational programs that you have produced which gave me faith and hope in those years.

In my reply, I expressed to this gentleman how happy I was to receive his letter and I also introduced him to a church that is not too far from where he lives.

World’s languages

A quick Google search reveals that there are approximately 6,500 spoken languages in the world today, however about 2,000 of these are spoken by fewer than 1,000 people. The Bible has been translated into some 636 languages, but at least a portion of God’s word has been translated into 3,223 languages! The graph gives some basic information about the languages spoken most widely in the world today.


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