Russian - What's Going On?
RUSSIAN: "What's Going On?" June 2017

Konstantin Chernushenko
Russian Senior Producer

Bringing Children to God

Dear friends, we are glad to see you on our Russian language web site! 

“America the Beautiful” - after an extensive trip to the western parts of the United States we tell you more stories about national and state parks from that part of the country.  We will also share some powerful stories from people whom we met on this journey. 

How we can reach our kids? What steps to take to bring children to God?  Hear inspirational stories from our listeners and our thoughts in the program “Bible Lessons for Youth.” 

Every day of our life we communicate with other people. Sometimes we discuss things, sometimes we argue and quarrel. Damir Kramaric from Croatia gives us fresh perspectives about socialization in a new and big series of programs, “Conflict Resolution.” We hope that this information can be helpful for you, our listeners, and opens fresh perspectives in relationships. 

“Train Yourself to Be Godly”—I once owned a horse who was a great jumper and for an entire summer, we cleaned up on blue ribbons.  Thanks to our partnership with Joni and Friends Ministry, Joni Eareckson Tada shares encouragement and Biblical insights. 

Archeology and Bible. In this program we discuss evidence that support the Holy Book and this month we talk about the Qumran Caves and the amazing discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

We have a number of projects under development that might be interesting to you. Come and download numerous Christian books, listen to our programs, see several video lessons based on Russian Christian art, then take a look at pictures of beautiful Alaska. 

Do you have critical remarks or brilliant ideas about improving our broadcasting? Send us your suggestions and we will do our best to make the programs better. 


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