Russian - What's Going On?
RUSSIAN: "What's Going On?" February 2017

Konstantin Chernushenko
Russian Senior Producer

New Series: “Conflict Resolution” 

Dear friends, we are glad to see you on our Russian language web site! 

Every day of our life we communicate with other people, sometimes we discuss things, sometimes we argue and quarrel. Damir Kramaric from Croatia gives us fresh perspectives about socialization in new and big series of programs, “Conflict Resolution.” We hope that this information can be helpful for you, our listener, and opens fresh perspectives in relationships. 

Verses about the rich young ruler, tongue-speaking, the creation of the world, clean food or unclean...this and many other subject we discuss in our ongoing series, “Book of Books.” 

“Apostles and their Deeds”: how Jesus selected certain ones for his apostles for service, noting the importance for the Christian movement from the beginning. We study this subject in the series "And I Say unto You." 

Christian values and family life: how can we educate our children about Christianity in the modern world? We discuss the subjects of morality and social life from the Biblical point of view in our ongoing series, "Family First.” 

“The Parables of Jesus”: in this big program we study in detail the wisdom of Christ and the actuality of it in the modern world. 

Every time we hear beautiful acapella singing it takes our breath away.  Songs that praise our Lord—what is the history behind them, what inspired people to write? We answer these questions in our program, "Singing to the Glory of God." 

We have a number of projects under development that might be interesting to you. Come and download numerous Christian books, listen to our programs, see several video lessons based on Russian Christian art, then take a look at pictures of beautiful Alaska. 

Do you have critical remarks or brilliant ideas about improving our broadcasting? Send us your suggestions and we will do our best to make the programs better. 


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