1st Quarter 2017 - News Update

The Gospel is Available to the Entire World in These Languages


Seven hours every day, English programs cover Australia, India, and the Pacific Rim including Japan and the Philippines and many other countries where English is widely spoken.  Rob Scobey, assisted by Paul Ladd, leads this language service and blesses millions of listeners all over the world. 

Mandarin Chinese

Edward Short, Edward and Salina Ho, and Shu-Mei Lee work together to send out 13 hours of Mandarin Chinese programs daily.  Additionally, 2,300 web pages are being downloaded every day from the Chinese website, www.smzg.org.  Please introduce this website to your Chinese friends.  They can also access it on their smart phone. 


Konstantin Chernushenko, Igor Ponomarev, Marina Kaboulova and Marina Vidineyeva send out 7 hours of Russian programming every day to Russia and the former Soviet Union countries of the world.  Fifty countries have contacted us in 2016 informing us they are listening.  Our response office in St. Petersburg, Russia sends out Bibles and other requested Christian literature.

English for Africa

Henry Huffard and three co-hosts from Africa are completing their first year on the air, broadcasting three hours daily. Key programming is on overcoming strife between Muslims and Christians, improving health, building successful marriages and a number of Bible topics. Other programs include Godís creation, history and a wide variety of music. Free World Bible School courses are promoted daily. 


With great results already coming in from Cuba and Latin America, Rex Morgan leads a team of workers doing two hours of daily programs from Madagascar and a few hours each week purchased from a couple of other radio stations serving the same areas.  Many baptisms have occurred, and a large number of people are taking Bible Correspondence Courses.  The Spanish website in 2016 had 1.6 million hits from all over the world.


Tony Tadros and his team prepare and send out programs that are heard all over the Middle East three hours every day.  Listeners from 52 cities have already responded telling us our signal is loud and clear. Please pray for this audience that we might help change the mind set of those who live in these areas and are looking for meaning and purpose for life.

Please Pray About Adding Broadcasts in these Languages as Soon as Possible:

Portuguese                     Korean                     French

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