4th Quarter 2014


Great News About the Madagascar Station!!! 

As of Friday, November 14, 2014, we have all the necessary signed papers to begin broadcasting from Madagascar to the rest of the world!  After further negotiations with Malagasy officials, we are so confident that we will be broadcasting from Madagascar during 2015, that we have released our transmitters from Dallas to Houston to be shipped to Madagascar.  This is an answer to so many prayers. 

Chinese Programming 

Over one billion people speak Mandarin Chinese!  Not only are we teaching those who live in China, we are reaching Chinese people who live in Africa, Europe, North and South America as well as throughout Southeast Asia.  House churches in China use our material in their Bible classes.  Of the 5,442,118 hits on all our websites, 2,668,692 hits occurred on our Chinese website in the last 12 months.  Edward Ho and others talk to millions of Chinese listeners every day.    

Russian Programming 

Although our Russian programming has the eastern part of Russia as a target, due to good conditions in the ionosphere our Russian broadcasts can be heard often anywhere in the world.  More than 280 million people worldwide know the Russian language.  We have regular contacts not only from Russia but also from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, India, Mexico, Finland and other countries.  Each month more than 9,400 hits occurred on the Russian website. 

English Programming 

Along the Pacific Rim for the last 30 years, English programming has been received by a large portion of more than three billion shortwave radios that are in the world.  We have listeners in the Philippines, Japan, Australia, India, Pakistan and New Zealand.  More people in China are taking English classes than there are people in America.  You can hear our daily programs by going to our website:  http://www.knls.org/today-broadcast.html

Latin American Programming 

Four hundred million Spanish-speaking people live throughout most countries of the world.  Rex Morgan, Senior Producer for Latin America, contacts thousands of people every day with his radio, television, DVDs, conferences, and website outreaches.  Requests for World Bible School courses are more than 125 per month from Cuba alone.  From Manhattan, New York, to Central and South America, Latin Americans are using his material for Sunday lessons.    

Arabic Programming 

Arabic is the sixth most common language in the world.  It is the official language of 27 countries.  It is spoken by about 400 million people.  With 66% of those who speak Arabic being under the age of 25, we have an exciting opportunity to impact a large segment of the Middle East.  We have recently added some short Bible studies, prayers and Bible readings in the Egyptian, Tunisian and Syrian dialects.  The 10/40 window of northern Africa and the Middle East will be a focus for our 2015 outreach. 

The programming is ready to begin English for Africa programming.

Our second Medical Missions trip to Madagascar just occurred, and it was very successful.

Andy Baker


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