1st Quarter 2015


The Latest News from the Indian Ocean Area

The transmitters are on the high seas, heading to the Indiana Ocean area! The shortwave radio station there is ready to be connected with the two 100,000-watt transmitters that have been shipped from the USA. We have all the documentation and signatures that we need to do business there. God’s timing is always perfect.

Potential Daily Listening Audience


Three billion shortwave radios exist in the world. Studies show that at any given time throughout the day, one billion shortwave radios are turned on with an average of three people listening. This means that at any given time during the day, we could have a potential listening audience of 3 billion people.

  • Over one billion people speak Mandarin Chinese. Daily broadcasts and a very busy Chinese website provides messages of hope and salvation to interested Chinese listeners scattered all over the world (China, Africa, North and South America and Southeast Asia).

  • More than 280 million people worldwide know the Russian language. Regular contacts come to us from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, India, Mexico, Finland and other countries of the world. Many Russian people find us by viewing our Russian website.

  • Arabic is the sixth most common language in the world. It is the official language in 27 countries. The 10/40 window of northern Africa and the Middle East is home to 90% of the world’s unchurched people. Our focus from The Indian Ocean area will be this vast area.

  • Four hundred million Spanish-speaking people live throughout most countries of the world. From voiced programs and website contacts, 1,500 requests come every year for Bible correspondence courses and other spiritual guidance from our Spanish listeners.

  • We have many hours of programming ready for Africa from the new station in the Indian Ocean area. English for Africa will reach a great majority of African people with programs like, “Ask the Doctor,” “Paths to a Happy Home,” and interviews with people who “Make a Difference.”

  • English programming from Alaska has been broadcast daily for almost 32 years. We appreciate many listeners from Japan, Australia, India, New Zealand, and the Philippines. More people in China are taking English classes than there are people in America.

The World Is Listening

We have websites for most of our language services. Over the last 12 months, over 5.4 million hits have occurred on our five websites. Recently on the Chinese search engine, baidu.com, (Chinese equivalent of Google), when we typed in Christian radio station, our Alaska station, KNLS, was the first one mentioned. Over 900 Muslims have been baptized into Christ in an Arabic-speaking country by a brother who first heard the Gospel over KNLS. To God be the glory for these and many other responses to the gospel.


Andy Baker


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