2nd Quarter 2015


The Latest News from Madagascar

The final shipment of two 100,000-watt transmitters has arrived in Madagascar.   You have been a part of a large number of people who have been praying about the safe arrival of this very important shipment, and we are thankful for your trust, your patience and your faith in God.  MWV   (Madagascar World Voice) is ready to be connected with these two transmitters, which will make it possible to send the broadcasts from the $11 million station.  After an important and necessary return trip to Alaska, Kevin Chambers will be coming back to Madagascar and overseeing final testing to be able to begin broadcasting later in 2015.  This will enable us to reach more people with the gospel than at any time in history.  The 10/40 region of the world (the area between the 10th and 40th degree latitudes) will be our focus.  Godís timing is always perfect

From Madagascar, broadcasts in Russian, Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish will cover areas of the world currently not reached by our Alaska station.  We will be adding Arabic, English for Africa, and we prayerfully plan to add Portuguese.  From Madagascar, India, South America, Africa, Europe, the southwest parts of China and Russia and western Asia will be covered everyday with messages of hope.  The gospel story and the salvation that it offers will be heard for the first time by countless millions of people.  We are looking forward to also being a part of the Tsunami Warning System for that part of the world.  This will also attract new listeners.    

The Latest News from Alaska

Station KNLS in Anchor Point, Alaska, now has a brand new 100,000-watt transmitter to go along with the transmitter we installed in 2006.  This addition now makes the infrastructure of both stations the best in our history.  We are now making final connections and are testing the equipment with a hope the new transmitter will be on the air this spring.  From Alaska, English, Russian and Mandarin Chinese programs cover about half the world.  Response offices in Hong Kong, China; Saint Petersburg, Russia; our office in Franklin, Tennessee and our Alaska station receive letters, emails and other correspondence from our listeners.  Monitors who live in various places in the world provide us daily reports concerning the strength and quality of our signal.  Of great interest to World Christian Broadcasting is to add Korean programming from Alaska as soon as possible.   

The Latest News from Franklin, Tennessee

We have bought some time on three radio stations over the last three years and have provided Spanish programming to millions in Cuba, Latin America and Central America.  Many baptisms have resulted, several new congregations have been established, and an average of 125 listeners are signing up for Bible studies each month.  Many programs in Arabic and English for Africa continue to be recorded for airing when the new station begins broadcasting.  At any given point in the day, one billion shortwave radios are turned on with a listening audience of three billion people.  Over 5 Ĺ million hits occur yearly on five available websites.  Come for a visit, meet our wonderful people and see the story in person. 


Andy Baker


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