3nd Quarter 2015- News Update

We Covet Your Prayers for the Exciting Opportunities Ahead

Franklin, Tennessee (International Home)

From our international home, programs in four languages (English, Russian, Chinese and Spanish), soon to be six (Arabic and English for Africa), are being planned, written, and recorded daily. The international staff works together each day from here producing all of our broadcasts to reach into the remotest areas of the world with the gospel. Come by for a visit and a tour.

Anchor Point, Alaska (Station KNLS)

Kevin and Nancy Chambers and three other families take care of our KNLS Station that broadcasts to about half the world (Russia, China, and the Pacific Rim) with a good strong signal. Wind, moose and an occasional black bear are our main issues there. For 32 years, this station has sent out the gospel. When you are in Alaska, plan to include Anchor Point on your trip.

Indian Ocean (Station MWV)

All of our equipment is now inside our station, ready to be connected in the fall. After several weeks of connecting and testing, we will be ready to broadcast to the other half of the world, including India, Africa, South America and the Middle East. Broadcasts will begin in early 2016 in all six of our languages. We will be able to contact more people than at any time in history.

Saint Petersburg, Hong Kong, and Cuba (Response Offices)

These offices provide follow up, Bibles and religious materials for our listeners. We try as best we can to connect listeners with the closest congregations and missionaries that we know. Pray we can get interested listeners with those that can provide encouragement and information for their lives.
Monitors positioned throughout the world are listening to our daily broadcasts.

Cuba and Latin America (Rex Morgan)

Broadcasts in Spanish cover Cuba and most of Latin America throughout the week. We have many interested listeners who are taking courses, asking for additional information and coming to Jesus Christ. Share their website (lavozalegre.com and thehappyvoice.org) with your friends.


Andy Baker


Andy Baker, Vice President - Development      World Christian Broadcasting
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