4th Quarter 2016- News Update

The Entire World Is Covered With the Gospel

Programs in these Languages                       From Alaska              From Madagascar

English                                                            5 daily hours               2 daily hours

Mandarin Chinese                                         10 daily hours              3 daily hours

Russian                                                           5 daily hours               2 daily hours

Spanish      A few hours each week from time purchased             2 daily hours

English For Africa                                                   ---                        3 daily hours

Arabic                                                                      ---                        3 daily hours

We are in the middle of a three-year campaign to raise the funds to add these staff positions so the gospel will be available in the language of an additional 500 million people.  If we could add these languages, we would be broadcasting in six of the top eight languages based on population.  Please be prayerful about this opportunity and what it could mean to millions of new listeners who speak these languages and are scattered all over the world.

Highlights from Our Outreach to the World

We have heard from all corners of the world from listeners getting our programs loud and clear.  We can listen to our programs on a regular shortwave radio in our offices in Franklin.  From our Chinese website, over 1,000 pages a day are being downloaded.  Our Spanish website has received over 400,000 hits each month since we turned on the Indian Ocean radio station.  Being a part of the tsunami warning system for the world will be a reality in the future from both the Alaska and the Indian Ocean radio stations.  Africa, South America, China, Russia, Australia, India, Cuba, Latin America, and the Middle East are covered everyday with the gospel message.  May God be praised each day with every broadcast.   

Andy Baker


Andy Baker, Vice President - Development      World Christian Broadcasting
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