From China:
"...I must say that your web site is so wonderful, guiding me in these years. I have learned from yours that clear and simple style are important. Your colors are also great, but most important is your articles and audio are lamp to our life. Thank you so much! YH"

From Zambia:
Thank you very much for the tape and book which you sent me all the way to Lusaka, Zambia. I have learned a lot from the tape.

From Australia:
From Australia: I like shortwave radio because I hear music Ive never heard before and learn things I never knew before. KNLS reception is the best Ive heard in years. I like the variety and interesting features found only on shortwave.

From United Kingdom:
“I am writing to say how much I enjoy your broadcasts. I first heard your station about 4 years ago and tune in whenever I can... The programmes are uplifting and a delight to listen to... I would be very grateful if you could send your current programme and frequencies schedule... Keep up the good work—your programmes are really wonderful.”

From Nigeria:
I wish to express my gratitude for the Bible, cassettes, and book sent to me. These materials have been of tremendous benefit to me. I cant tell you how I have been blessed and encouraged by each message.


From Japan:
"[I] want to have you continue it [the broadcast] for a long time."

From United States:
A lady in China who heard World Christian Broadcasting became a Christian and was baptized. . . . We feel so blessed to know the woman heard WCB . . . and is now coming to our church. I just wanted you and yours to know how far reaching this is. (Like you dont hear these stories ALL the time!!)

From Finland:
Its the first time Ive heard your station KNLS in English. Im happy when the announcer informs the station ID between each program.

From Russia:
"I visited your Russian website—a very good and interesting resource! . . . I started listening to your station more often and continued to do so in Moscow. To tell you the truth, yours is a great station! . . . One can hear educated and correct Russian language. It is very important.”

From China:
“The lesson on Joshua and Judges (written by Edward Short)—you did really wonderful design to help me to remember the most significant people and meaning. Thanks a lot! I will arrange my time more efficiently to learn more.”

From India:
"Dear Sir/madam, We are very interested to know more about the Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible and its related things."