From a listener in the Andizhanskaya Region of Uzbekistan came these words:
       Dear KNLS Russian Department, I listen to your station constantly. First of all, I want to thank you for your work. Thank you for spreading Godís Word all over the world. I have been listening to your programs for many years. They help me understand the truth about Christianity . . . I decided to follow Jesus and entrust my life to him. I would like to continue to learn about Jesus through prayer and reading the Bible . . .May I ask you to send me the Holy Scripture in Russian or in English? Please, send me your schedule as well. . . .

We have a mountain of such letters from listeners all over the world. Every day from KNLS in Alaska we are broadcasting throughout Russia, China, and the Pacific Rim countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand. Our multi-cultural, multi-language staff at our Operations Centers in Franklin, Tennessee, continues to produce and assemble new programs for 20 hours of broadcasting every day.

We are excited about the completion of our second radio station, Madagascar World Voice, in the Indian Ocean. From there signals are being beamed daily to the Middle East, continental Africa, Western Europe, Western Asia, and South and Central America. The combined signals of all our antennae at both locations are reaching every nation on earth.

Thank you for checking us out. We pray that you will be blessed by learning more about the worldwide, evangelistic ministry of World Christian Broadcasting. We appreciate your prayers and your financial gifts as we continue to share the saving message of Jesus Christ with millions of people. The world is listening!


I want to thank you for visiting our website.  We take very seriously the daily work that we do, sharing messages of hope with you.  From Station KNLS in Alaska and from MWV (Madagascar World Voice) in the Indian Ocean the whole world has access via shortwave radio, the internet and thru social media from various sources.  From our International Operations Center in Franklin, Tennessee, our multi-cultural, multi-language staff prepare and voice programs every day for broadcasting to the entire globe. 

We have heard from listeners from every corner of the world.  Visits to our website for each of the language services number over 6 million each year.  Requests vary from those desiring QSL cards, asking for Bibles and other religious material, and giving us vital information about the strength and clarity of our signal. 

Thank you so very much for your prayers, your friendship and your financial gifts that supports this ministry.  Godís fingerprints are all over this work.  His presence and power has brought us to where we are today.  To God be the glory for blessing us with an opportunity to share his story with the world.  Let us hear from you.


World Christian Broadcasting
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