These are the people who come up with the words that go out across the world. Some of these people have been writing and voicing for us for as long as 25 years, others for only a few years. Competence and dedication are words that define each and every person on this staff. These are the people who come up with new ideas, new words, new programs, and do so against the continual pressure of meeting production schedules. God has blessed us with each of these men and women. They are at the heart of what World Christian Broadcasting is all about.

Dr. Gayle Crowe
Vice President/

Russian Broadcasters
Dr. Konstantin Chernushenko
Senior Russian Producer
Igor Ponomarev
Marina Kaboulova

Chinese Broadcasters
Edward Short
Senior Chinese Producer
Edward Ho
Salina Ho

English Broadcasters

Rob Scobey
Senior Producer International English


Paul Ladd
Senior Correspondent

Edet Udofia

Edet Udofia
Senior Producer

 African Service

Spanish and Portuguese Broadcasters
Rex Morgan
Rex Morgan
Senior Producer
Latin America
Jose Castillo

Jose Castillo

Arabic Broadcasters
Dr. Tony Tadros
Senior Arabic Producer
Production Coordinator
Web Assistant and Producer
Studio Technician

Due to security precautions, the rest of the Arabic staff has asked
not to be identified in any way. We live in challenging times!

In addition to the broadcasting staff members listed above, we also benefit from the contributions of many around the world who write for us, some occasionally, some on a regular basis. These are valued members of our adjunct programming staff whose work adds much to our broadcast schedule!

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