When writing to a first century church, the Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 1:28-29 that God had given him not just a big mission (proclaiming the message of God’s gift of salvation through Jesus) but had also granted him the energy to fulfil his task. The unique word he uses for that “energy” is kopio, defined as “working to exhaustion for the glory of God.”

Lipscomb University, a liberal arts university in Nashville, Tennessee, has created a “Kopio” award which they bestow occasionally on people whose life’s dedication is an illustration of “working to exhaustion for the glory of God.”

Charles and Kathy Caudill with the Kopio Award

On Friday, July 3, Lipscomb University presented the Kopio award to Charles and Kathy Caudill, World Christian Broadcasting’s President and First Lady. Those who have observed their work for the past 26 years know how uniquely deserved this award is. Overseeing the work of any nonprofit organization is not for the faint of heart, but given the unique obstacles of the past eight years (running the ministry during unstable economic times nationally while at the same time ramping up a $12 million capital venture in Madagascar amid a never-ending sequence of political upheavals), it is a wonder that Charles and Kathy Caudill are standing upright. But upright they are, with thousands of board members, staff members, and donors from around the world applauding their dedication and ingenuity.

Charles and Kathy Caudill with their children, Kelly Caudill and Dr. Bill Caudill

It is appropriate that on this Monday following the Friday night award, the Caudills have elected to display the Kopio award not in their home, not even in their offices, but in the foyer of our Programming Center, as if to say, “Yes, the award bears our names, but without you—our board, staff, and donors—none of this could have happened.” Even more than that, as Charles accepted the award Friday night he raised his index finger to the sky to acknowledge that God—not the Caudills or any other mortal—is the real hero.

To join with Lipscomb University in showing your gratitude to the Caudills, feel free to write them a note of appreciation to info@worldchristian.org.



Take a few minutes to watch our 2015 video. You’ll learn the latest on our programming, our mission, and our plans for the future.

The Dreamers Had a Vision

On the night of May 23, 2015, Charles Caudill, president of World Christian Broadcasting, spoke to more than 500 people.  His mission was to cast a vision of what has happened—and what will soon happen—in spreading the Good News of Jesus through the world.   

Over 40 years ago a seed was planted in the hearts of men and women steadfastly enthusiastic about the possibility of reaching unreached parts of the world with news about Jesus.  That seed grew into the incorporation of World Christian Broadcasting.  Since that time, much has happened.  As Charles Caudill said that night, it has grown from “just an idea” to a ministry with offices on three continents and influence on every continent.

The original dreamers, he said, had vision.  “No, they probably didn’t see World Christian as it is organized today with state-of-the-art broadcast centers in Alaska and Madagascar, or with a programming center with the latest equipment and the finest talent in our fellowship in Franklin, Tennessee.  They probably didn’t see follow-up offices in St. Petersburg, Russia, and Hong Kong.  They probably didn’t see employees in Miami, Los Angeles, Manila, or Ching Du, China.  But they had a dream that the world could be reached for our Lord by radio.  They had the faith to let the Lord lead them, and they were committed to seeing the job done.  They gave their time, their money, their reputations, and their lives to the vision.” 

Paraphrasing the words of Abraham Lincoln, Caudill concluded, “It is for us to be dedicated to the unfinished work which they have thus far so nobly advanced.  It is for us here to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that this dream will continue to live and grow, and with God’s aid the word of God will be preached to every person on this planet in this generation.”


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