The time has come for YOU to go to Madagascar with us!  At long last, the station many have been praying for the past 12 years is about ready for sign-on.  We want you to be there for the official Dedication Day! 

We leave Nashville on Saturday, May 14.  The next two weeks will be filled with activities beginning with the dedication of Madagascar World Voice to the glory of God.  From that station will be broadcast signals that will reach all of Africa, all the Middle East, India, Indonesia, the western regions of China and Russia, and as far away as South and Central America!  

It’s hard to realize that in many regions our signal will reach, people have never heard the name of Jesus Christ.  In some of those regions, no missionary can live or even travel.  Yet through the wonders of shortwave broadcasting, every one of those 3 billion shortwave receivers in the world can pick up messages about Jesus and his love. 

After the dedication of the $12 million station, Madagascar World Voice, we will head south to take in some of the awesome sites of Madagascar, eventually winding up at Antananarivo to fly to Nairobi.  While in Kenya we will spend two days on an unforgettable safari.  With all those memories to last a lifetime, we’ll head back toward the U.S., arriving back in Nashville on May 28.

Click here for a four-page color brochure that describes all we’ll be doing on the trip.  Then click here for a registration form that you can put into the mail to let us know you are coming.  What an experience awaits!  Where else could you see this much territory—the island that has more unique animals and plants than any other place in the world—with an African safari that you’ll never forget—plus witnessing the broadcast station you’ve been hearing about for many years—and all of that with fellow Christians?  The little lemur in the tree above is eager to meet you!

If you have questions, write gcrowe@worldchristian.org or call 615-371-8707, ext. 103.  We hope to hear from you soon!





October 2015 Newsletter



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Take a few minutes to watch our 2015 video. You’ll learn the latest on our programming, our mission, and our plans for the future.


From time to time, we take a trip to the areas in Russia where we broadcast in order to meet our listeners and to assess the situation in society in general. We have to keep up with recent changes in the culture in order to understand better the needs of common people and produce our program accordingly.


Konstantin with listener in

Moscow region, Andrew D.

In September, I traveled to Russia and met with our long time listeners and radio enthusiasts from DX-ers community. It is always a pleasure to meet in person with people who came to Christ or at least started to read Bible thanks to our programs.

The spiritual situation in Russia in general is very volatile. For many years, the Russian Orthodox Church has enjoyed full support from the government, yet with little accountability to anyone.  The leaders of the organization do not follow, in real life, what they are preaching to ordinary people. Surely, in the past the Russian Orthodox Church did some good things promoting Christianity in many layers of society, including schools, the army and even in prisons, but many people became disappointed in Russian Orthodox Church. There were too many financial scandals, too much greed, the Sunday services are excessively long using the old Slavonic language, and with all these problems the Church cannot attract young people.  Unfortunately, the Church has not addressed these issues.

So, we can see that in Russia people have a zest for spiritual knowledge, they want to get true wisdom of God’s words, they do want to return to Christianity of the early days, yet they see little help from the official Russian Orthodox Church. That is where our programs can help many people and that is how we write our programs, seeking to reveal to people God’s wisdom and His love without any distortion.   

For this reason, in the Russian language department we create programs such as “Life of Jesus” – about Christ’s teaching and His love; “Christian Ethics” – how in real life people can follow God’s commandments; “Children and God” – our series for the youngest listeners where we tell in simple and intelligible terms the main concepts of Christianity.  These are just a few of many programs for both unbelievers and God seekers.


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