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The first week of May, 2017, World Christian Broadcasting presented four events at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures.  One, hosted by Vice President Andy Baker, was a luncheon to which anyone in the lectureship crowd was invited.  Andy brought our guests up to date about events of the past year’s broadcasting and showed the 2017 video (which you are invited to see here).   

Our class sessions were devoted to sharing the unique ways in which the Gospel is being shared at various points around the world.  On Wednesday, Edward Short (World Christian’s Senior Producer for Chinese) and his son, Lewis (currently a missionary in Tanzania) told of their unique approaches to the people to whom they minister. On Thursday, Danny Reese (missionary in Angola) and his dad, John (President of World Bible School) told some of their experiences.  On Friday, Gayle Crowe (WCB Vice President / Programming) reviewed the fast growth of the gospel in Muslim countries in spite of unthinkable persecution.


Russian : Bringing Children to God

African: Interviews in May

Chinese: The Fragrance of Christ

Arabic: How did you hear about us?

English: From LA Law to Christian Movies 

Latin American: How are things in Cuba?


It was a great evening.  Both Charles Caudill and Andy Baker told of plans for the future: adding new languages in Portuguese, Korean, and French.  Andy also shared highlights of the $20 million “Piercing the Darkness” campaign currently in progress. 

For more than three decades, World Christian Broadcasting has spread the good news of Jesus to untold numbers of people around the world.  Other broadcasters have come to look to World Christian Broadcasting for program content and guidance.  Our mission is simple: World Christian Broadcasting exists so that people in places best served by broadcast media become aware of the Good News of Jesus Christ and want to know more. 

Mark your calendars for next year’s dinner to be held April 19, 2018.


Russian : Fresh Perspectives in Relationships

African: Relative of Movement Founder Visits

Chinese: Rearing Teenagers and Staying Healthy

Arabic: How Did you Hear About Us?

English: Byron Pitts-ABC News 

Latin American: Slice of Life




July 2017 Newsletter


If you walk by the office of our Senior Producer for English, Rob Scobey, you will see a new trophy on his desk.  It’s from the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) for last year’s World Christian Broadcasting video, “Alive Again.”  Rob received an Award of Merit.  IABC has members in more than 70 countries.  Judges were business communications professionals from other cities.   

Rob’s desk is getting downright crowded with all the awards he has won . . . but there’s always room for one more!   

Congratulations, Rob!  In the photo, Rob is standing beside World Christian Broadcasting’s president, Charles Caudill.

In 2014, the name Dr. Kent Brantly was frequently heard on every news media.  He was the doctor who travelled to Liberia to serve with World Medical Mission as a post-resident physician.  While there, he contracted the Ebola virus and was evacuated to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.  In December 2014 Time magazine named Brantly as one of their five “People of the Year.” 

As the Ebola pandemic was sweeping across West Africa, one organization, Samaritan’s Purse, was willing to step up and commit its people and resources to provide comfort, compassion, and care to the hurting people of Africa.  But it was not until Dr. Brantly came down with Ebola that the attention of the world turned toward West Africa. 

Arthur Rasco with Paul Ladd.

Facing Darkness is a movie that tells the real story of the Ebola crisis.  During the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando, Florida, World Christian Broadcasting’s Senior Correspondent Paul Ladd interviewed the producer and director of Facing Darkness, Arthur Rasco.  In this documentary film, Samaritan Purse president Dr. Franklin Graham tells the story. To watch the trailer, click HERE.

During the April 20 annual benefit dinner for World Christian Broadcasting, the new 2017 video was shown for the first time.  “Two Stations, One Message” tells the amazing story of God’s work to use two shortwave stations—one in Alaska, one in Madagascar—to cover the entire world with the sweet message of Jesus Christ.  In this video you will see some of the people involved in the creation and transmission of the “one message” to the world.  Sit back and see how God is at work as told in this video.  Start the video now.

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