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Do you have a Spanish-speaking neighbor but don’t know how to share the good news of Jesus with him or her? That language barrier is now suddenly torn down. May we introduce you to thehappyvoice.org or lavozalegre.com?

This bilingual multimedia website includes our Spanish radio programs where we encourage visitors to “Listen, Watch, and Share” all of the audio and video programs available. While listening, they have the ability to instantly share a radio message on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. Also, included in this toolbox is instant enrollment in World Bible School in either English or Spanish.



Each year the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals gives awards for outstanding radio and television presentations.  Among the 2014 awards was a Hermes Creative Award for Paul Ladd’s piece for KNLS, “A Conversation with Secretary Rumsfeld.” 

Paul interviewed Secretary Rumsfeld about his book just published, “Rumsfeld’s Rules.”  They discussed several of his rules including, “The first consideration of meetings is whether to call one at all.”  Secretary Rumsfeld said his “rules” are helpful for anyone, whether they’re in government, business, or just an “everyday person.” 

Paul Ladd, Senior Correspondent  

Quotable quote from Rumsfeld: “A lot of people can improve what they see or what exists, but very few people see what’s missing.” 


Congratulations, Paul, for your good work! 





February 2014 Newsletter





The shooting down of Malaysian flight #17 has been called “one of the biggest, or the biggest, crime scene in the world right now.”   


Pray for the families and friends of the 298 victims of the flight.  Pray for those who are working to retrieve bodies and perform other humanitarian acts.  Pray for world leaders that this tragedy does not escalate into even worse bloodshed.


In early 2014, World Christian Broadcasting’s Latin America service launched a renewed website, LaVozAlegre (“The Happy Voice”). In June of this year, there were 57,000 hits to this website. The key to its success? Program content that is both extensive and also high quality.

Brenda and Rex Morgan spoke at this year’s Pepperdine Bible Lectures to tell the story of World Christian Broadcasting’s Latin America ministry.

Some of the program series:

  • Advice for Life

  • Heart Cries

  • Cooking with the Open Bible

  • Letters to My Children

  • Unforgettable Conversations with Jesus

  • Disabilities via Joni and Friends

  • Biblical Archaeology

And that’s just the beginning. Interestingly, many of these programs were not written by ministers or theologians. Mario Motino is a cable installer for Comcast, but he and his wife, Iliana, have written 425 short radio programs over the past three years. Santos Feliz Ruiz, a mental health specialist in the Dominican Republic, has written over 200 scripts.

Roberto Pino, the director of follow-up in Havana, Cuba, said, “We now have a large amount of radio listeners across the country. They are in contact with local congregations and are studying the Bible. Radio program LaVozAlegre is a real blessing.” Everything on the website is available for downloading, so individuals and churches can make CD copies and spread them broadly.

Content is king. We must—and we do—have great programming easily available—both on the computer screen and also on smartphones.

For 31 years, World Christian Broadcasting has been sending life-giving messages from its Anchor Point, Alaska, site in Chinese, Russian, and English. Soon God will be opening another door from Madagascar so we can add Spanish, Arabic, and English with an African accent to cover all of South and Central America, Africa, the Middle East, India, Pakistan, and those parts of Russia and China that we don’t cover consistently now. Once both stations are operating, 90% of the globe will be under the sound of World Christian Broadcasting’s voice.



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