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It Has Happened! We’re On the Air!

From the very first day Madagascar World Voice was on the air, our office began receiving emails and letters thanking us for the program.  Just a few samples: 
  • From Russia: It has happened! The Lord has heard our prayers and after many difficulties and obstacles, His word sounds through our shortwave receivers, coming from Alaska and the remote island in the Indian Ocean.  I am listening to your broadcast and it feels good in my soul. . . . I really like the songs you include in your programs. . . . Thank you for your work.  God bless you!  He will show you the right way! 
  • From Chile: I am very grateful that the signals reach far into Latin America . . .  

These antenna wires are carrying broadcasts around the world. 

  • From Germany: Hello dear World Christian radio team: I have been listening to your Arabic language program beaming to Egypt and the Near East.  I am in wonder at the excellent reception quality over here in Central Europe. 
  • From Algeria: I am very pleased to send you my reception report and I thank you for all the radio programs you offer, which I benefitted from very much. 
  • From Norway: Great to receive this station! The transmission to Egypt was received very well here in Norway, so the signal in your target area Egypt must be very good!  I am happy that you reach out that well. 
  • From India:  I got the opportunity to listen to you quite clearly and recorded the whole broadcast. . . . I love to attend your programming on the air as they are the best source of knowledge, wisdom, faith in the Almighty and entertainment.  To me, Madagascar World Voice is the best source of knowledge about the Supreme Authority and the savior Jesus Christ. 
  • From Sweden: I am very pleased to inform you that I have been able to catch your signal, loud and clear, earlier this evening, Sunday, March 27.   
  • From United Arab Emirates: After years of announcements regarding the launch of a new station from Madagascar, it was finally great to hear your station broadcasting in English at 1800 UTC. . . . I was also able to listen to the Russian broadcast of your station. 

And that is but a sample of the letters we’ve received.  We are amazed—gratefully amazed—at the scope of the signal emanating both from Madagascar World Voice and also from KNLS in Alaska.  Between the two, virtually anybody in the world who has a shortwave radio can listen to “the music to love, news to know, and a message to live.”  All praise goes to God who has made this around-the-world transmission possible!!


It’s good news! Almost too good to be true! But it is true: on Easter Sunday our new station in Madagascar began broadcasting throughout the world. Now programs from our two stations—KNLS in Alaska and MWV in Madagascar—cover the entire inhabited world. Almost immediately we began receiving emails and letters from people in dozens of countries.


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December 2016 Newsletter





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An Invitation from Athens

World Christian Broadcasting has told its story in hundreds of places around the United States. It’s not every day that we are invited to travel to Europe to tell the story . . . but it happened last month.


Gayle Crowe, World Christian Broadcasting’s Vice President of Programming, speaking to the conference.


In November, Partners in Progress sponsored a “Refugee Ministry Workshop” in Athens, Greece. Bill McDonough, a long-standing good friend of World Christian Broadcasting, invited someone from our office to travel to Athens to speak to the conference. These church leaders, coming from 20 European countries, need all the resources they can get in meeting the needs of refugees showing up at their doors every day. It was our pleasure to introduce the incredibly helpful resources provided by daily programs on Madagascar World Voice. Europe is close enough to hear—normally in FM-quality—broadcasts from MWV in English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and English with an African sound.


Hard working men and women in European churches are giving these needy refugees their all, and now they know they can refer them to MWV for messages about the sweet story of Jesus.


Many thanks to Bill McDonough for the invitation, and to Dino Roussos for handling the many details of putting on this conference. To God be all the glory!


Russian : "Lord, Teach Us to Pray!"

African: Africa: 2016 News in Review

Chinese: I Heard it on KNLS!

Arabic: Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

English: William F. Buckley, Jr.-Conservative Intellectual 

Latin American: Speaking Hope to the World!


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