My cell phone rings.  I am surprised that it’s a broker selling radio airtime. This was back in 2006; I was working with Spanish television and had not produced radio for some time.  He invited me to a special meeting where he was announcing a unique opportunity.

  Rex Morgan, Senior Producer for Latin America

Rex Morgan, Senior Producer for Latin America

The room is filled with over 100 people from various religious backgrounds.  The radio broker who invited me was aware of my involvement in Cuba since 2001.  He also knew I had been broadcasting a television program throughout Latin America for about 12 years at that time.  My curiosity brought me into this room. He announced an opportunity to reach Cuba from a radio station in Key West, Florida.  I could feel the adrenalin rush flow through me. I immediately went from curiosity to a faith-filled quest to raise the money and program content to broadcast into Cuba for the first time.   

I paused as I sat in my car after the meeting and began to pray.  The Cuban people had been on my heart since I was a boy growing up in Miami.  Where, in 1972, as a young man working beside them in a textile factory I taught Cuban exiles about Jesus. I asked God, “Are you really opening up a door that will allow me and others to share Jesus over the airwaves to Cuba?” 

Yes, God had plans!  A weekly radio hour combining three 20-minute radio programs began entering the homes of Cuban listeners.  Broadcasting lasted on this station for 2 years until the door closed.  Now, what was God’s plan? 

World Christian Broadcasting, (WCB), had taken notice at our efforts. In 2008 our partnership began. It was God’s plan for me to serve as WCB’s Sr. Producer for Latin America. Learning from the other Sr. Producers at WCB reaching the world in English, Chinese, and Russian, I was able to develop a radio magazine format that would be effective in reaching non-believers throughout Latin America.   

New church in Siliecito, Villa Clara, Cuba 

We had been praying that God open the door once again in Cuba, and He did.  We have broadcast more than 200 hours of radio into Cuba with listeners all over the island. The most recent congregation to be established, as a result of radio broadcasting into Cuba and follow-up by Cuban evangelists, is in Siliecito, Villa Clara.  

Real change has been taking place in Cuba for some time. Since 2007 twenty congregations have been planted from radio program listeners. Praise God!  

Now our Spanish language radio program La Voz Alegre (The Happy Voice) can be listened to at lavozalegre.com or thehappyvoice.org.  This past year 1.7 million hits from 78 countries reflects the growing interest in our programming. Do you know someone who speaks Spanish? Sharing this website will give them the opportunity to know Jesus.





June 2015 Newsletter



Take a few minutes to watch our 2015 video. You’ll learn the latest on our programming, our mission, and our plans for the future.


In the summer of 2014, Dr. Kent Brantly became infected with the Ebola virus.  As Medical Director of Samaritan's Purse Ebola Care Center in Monrovia, Liberia, Dr. Brantly knew all too well the need for precaution as he treated his patients.  Somehow those precautions were not enough.  People around the world anxiously watched as news of his illness spread.  Eventually he was transported to the United States, and today he looks as if he had never been sick. 

Paul Ladd, World Christian Broadcasting’s Senior Correspondent, caught up with Dr. Brantly when he was speaking on the campus of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.  In this interview, Dr. Brantly gave insights into what he has heard about the ways in which his experience has impacted people all over the world.   

In the fifth and final installment of this interview sequence, Paul Ladd asked Dr. Brantly to explain the title of the book he and his wife have written, “Called for Life.”  Paul also asked, “What’s ahead for Dr. Kent Brantly?” 

The Brantlys’ informative, sensitive, and challenging book can be ordered through any bookstore.  Enjoy the interview!


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