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2015 - CUBA - 20,000 BIBLES

From Havana to the Eastern Tip of Cuba

The Time Is Now to Share the Gospel


By Rex Morgan



"This is my first Bible. Thank you!"  We have heard these words many times from the young and older people as we have worked in Cuba during the past 14 years. 

Last summer we entered Havana with100 solar-powered MP3 Bibles for the blind. But the MP3 Bibles were confiscated at customs.  It was amazing to watch the custom agents in their uniforms inspecting the Bibles for about 3 hours.  Each time they turned one on it delighted my heart to hear in Spanish, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."  But in the end they still wrapped them up, double bagged, weighed and sealed the MP3 Bibles.  The presentation for the blind was cancelled until the MP3 Bibles could be released. In October that happened; now the blind in Havana have the gift of hearing the gospel as originally intended. 

In January we will be privileged to partner with the Mayfair Church in Huntsville, Alabama, in traveling the country.  The plan is to hand out 20,000 free Bibles. 

Please pray for this wonderful opportunity as change is in the air between the United States and Cuba.  We do not know where those changes will take the future, but may God be glorified. 

"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God."  Romans 10:17 





December 2014 Newsletter





The big news we have been waiting for has finally, finally, finally, FINALLY come! 

The "Accord de Siege" was handed over to us by the government of Madagascar about 3:30 Madagascar time on November 14. "Accord de Siege" is simply the French phrase for the document that allows us to do business in Madagascar. That is the last (repeat: LAST) hurdle before we can put the transmitters "on the water" headed from Houston to Madagascar.

It is awesome to think of the untold millions of people in Africa, Latin America, India, the Middle East, and western China and Russia who will soon be able to tune in to MWV (Madagascar World Voice) and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Praise God!

As you pray, thank God for this great event and please ask Him for His blessings as we move forward under His guidance.  Our staff in Madagascar has done a great job in preparing the station site.  Our Programming staff in Franklin, Tennessee, is working hard to assure that we will have programming ready to fill up the broadcast days from Madagascar. 

Of course, with added blessings always come added responsibilities.  To ship the transmitters to Madagascar, to fill the tanks with diesel fuel, and to provide other start-up costs, the cost will be approximately $250,000.  Would you be able to help?   A gift large or small would help.  Click here to make a contribution. 



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