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Two Stations, One Message” tells the amazing story of God’s work to use two shortwave stations—one in Alaska, one in Madagascar—to cover the entire world with the sweet message of Jesus Christ.  In this video you will see some of the people involved in the creation and transmission of the “one message” to the world.  Sit back and see how God is at work as told in this video.  Start the video now.

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World Christian Broadcasting and the Voice of Hope World Radio Network have begun partnering to spread the Gospel message in the Middle East.  Voice of Hope—Middle East has been granted the first and only Christian radio broadcast license by the Israeli government.   

With over 65,000 watts of power based on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Voice of Hope will be able to reach into the countries of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, and Egypt.  The potential listening audience is over 35 million listeners. 

Dr. Tony Tadros 

World Christian Broadcasting’s Senior Producer for Arabic, Dr. Tony Tadros (a native of Cairo, Egypt), will be broadcasting his popular radio program called “Feda” (in English, “Redemption”) two hours every day.   

A few days after “Feda” began broadcasting, the president of Voice of Hope, John Tayloe, wrote, “The WCB Arabic programming has been airing since Sunday, twice daily!  What a blessing to our listeners!  The quality and anointing on the broadcast is adding strength to our efforts to encourage Christians to present Jesus to Muslims.  I am thrilled with our partnership and believe God will use this to draw in the net of salvation throughout the region.  This is why God has put us together!” 

This is a wonderful opportunity in which two Christian radio broadcasters are able to work together to allow God’s kingdom to increase.  We are thank for this partnership, and pray God’s richest blessings on this endeavor.  To God be the glory! 


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December 2017 Newsletter


As Chaucer said over 600 years ago, “All good things must come to an end.”  So it is that Charles Caudill, president of World Christian Broadcasting for the past 24 years, and his wife, Kathy, his Administrative Assistant, are retiring December 31, 2017. 

Charles and Kathy

When Charles began his leadership, World Christian Broadcasting was in a precarious situation financially.  Some thought it was time to let go of this dream.  Others—including Charles—knew that this work was too important to fail.  As Charles steps down from his post, the ministry is in a sound position financially.  If anyone asks Charles how that transformation has happened, he will point his index finger to the sky and say, “It was God.” 

During the time Charles has been President, the Alaska station has doubled its capacity and an entirely new station has been built in the island nation of Madagascar.  Between the two stations with their four transmitters and five antennas, the message of Jesus Christ is now broadcast to the entire world in six languages.   

When Charles and Kathy made their announcement to the staff, Charles said, “I want you to know that where we are today is the result of God’s grace to this ministry.  I do not take the credit.  Only God could foresee and lead us to where we are today.  And only God could put together a staff like you.  Your hard work and your persistence have brought us to where we are today. . . .”


Andy Baker 

Eighteen years ago Andy Baker, currently Vice President of Development, was selected to be ready to assume the presidency when Charles stepped down.  With his crisscrossing the US constantly to talk with individuals and churches, Andy has become the voice and the face of World Christian Broadcasting to thousands of people.  Charles said, “Andy will make a great President/CEO.  He is the best fundraiser I have ever known and we don’t need to lose that!”  

Charles Caudill will remain President Emeritus with an emphasis on Newsletters and Appeals, with help from Kathy in helping with the Newsletter and arranging dinners and other social events.  They have been—and will continue to be—incredible gifts from God to World Christian Broadcasting!


Friends of World Christian Broadcasting are familiar with reading about Edward Short, our Chinese Senior Producer. What most do not know, or may have forgotten, is that Edward was not the first head of our Chinese department.  In the earliest days, George S. H. Tien was our first producer of Mandarin Chinese broadcasts.  He set a high standard for both program content and audio quality.  George was mentor to Edward Short—first in Taipei, Taiwan, then in Ohio as they worked together to produce programs for World Christian Broadcasting. 

George Tien

George and his wife, Martha, traveled to China numerous times where George was privileged to speak in seminaries.  His teaching no doubt opened Biblical truths for the students that they probably would not have heard otherwise.   

George Tien passed from this life in December, 2017, at the age of 91.  May God bless Martha and their entire family.  We are honored that the legacy left by this godly man included setting the tone for our Chinese service here at World Christian Broadcasting.


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