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Guess Who Depends on Shortwave! 

Scott Pelley is the anchor and managing editor of the “CBS Evening News” and a correspondent for the weekly “60 Minutes” program.  In an article titled, “Personal Best: My Stuff,” he wrote these words:

Scott Pelley

Scott Pelley

This shortwave radio is absolutely essential.  It’s about 20 years old.  The letters are worn off the buttons, but I know where Voice of America and the BBC are.  As a war reporter, you might be in the middle of the action but not know what’s happening.  This keeps you connected.  The radio and I have been in some scrapes, and we’ve always made it back.  Imagine what’s in it: Iraq sand, Sudan dust, Central African Republic dirt.  You can’t buy that—you’ve got to go out there and collect it yourself.  Someday when I hit the ‘on’ button, the screen won’t come to life, and it’ll break my heart.” 

World Christian Broadcasting typically thinks of people in the remote sections of the world as its audience.  But Scott Pelley’s experience reminds us that there are a lot of “wired-in” people who depend on shortwave, too.  Throughout the world we hear of professional people who have all the latest electronic “stuff,” but they still depend on their shortwave radio to tell them the “real story” about things happening in the world—news their own governmental news sources aren’t telling them.   

Once Madagascar World Voice joins KNLS in daily broadcasting, roughly 90% of the world will be in the range of World Christian Broadcasting’s voice.  Consider this: there are approximately 3 billion shortwave radios in the world.  Roughly one third of those radios are playing at any moment of the day, and research shows that each radio is being listened to by an average of three people at a time.  That means that at any moment of the day, three billion people are listening to shortwave radio!  When MWV is on the air, sometime in 2015, those three billion people will have an option they haven’t even dreamed of until now.  May God hasten the day!





December 2014 Newsletter





The big news we have been waiting for has finally, finally, finally, FINALLY come! 

The "Accord de Siege" was handed over to us by the government of Madagascar about 3:30 Madagascar time on November 14. "Accord de Siege" is simply the French phrase for the document that allows us to do business in Madagascar. That is the last (repeat: LAST) hurdle before we can put the transmitters "on the water" headed from Houston to Madagascar.

It is awesome to think of the untold millions of people in Africa, Latin America, India, the Middle East, and western China and Russia who will soon be able to tune in to MWV (Madagascar World Voice) and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Praise God!

As you pray, thank God for this great event and please ask Him for His blessings as we move forward under His guidance.  Our staff in Madagascar has done a great job in preparing the station site.  Our Programming staff in Franklin, Tennessee, is working hard to assure that we will have programming ready to fill up the broadcast days from Madagascar. 

Of course, with added blessings always come added responsibilities.  To ship the transmitters to Madagascar, to fill the tanks with diesel fuel, and to provide other start-up costs, the cost will be approximately $250,000.  Would you be able to help?   A gift large or small would help.  Click here to make a contribution. 


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